Changes for the New Year Start This Sunday

Welcome to year 2020 pards.  Our match this Sunday starts the new decade and unfortunately brings with it a fee increase.  Our new fee for 2020 will be $15 a match.  New regulations are also going into effect from the range we shoot at.  The per bay cost is going from $34 to $140 a bay.  RO's please bring a copy of your RO certificate to be kept on file at the range office.   

SASS has a new rule going into effect.  It is:  Eliminate the automatic Stage DQ penalty for leaving the loading table with a cocked rifle.  In such instances, the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to full cock if it is in the half-cock/safety position, then pull the trigger.  If no round is fired, the shooter will be directed to finish staging firearms in order to start the stage (No Call).  If a round fires when the shooter pulls the trigger, the shooter will be assessed a Stage DQ and directed to proceed to the unloading table. 

Have a great first match of the decade this Sunday!!  

Written by : Misfits Admin