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Starting next Sunday summer clothes are allowed to shoot in. Wear your shorts, short sleeve shirts, etc. Summer attire will be allowed for the next four matches.  

We will be finishing the permanent loading and unloading tables this week so they will be in use next Sunday also. Here is a picture of one that is nearly finished. The tables are eight feet long and will be stained in a few months. Hope to see you next Sunday, June 5th!

The May Match results have been posted to the website. It was a warm day for the match but fortunately there was a strong breeze. Congratulations to clean match shooters: Pink, High Stump, Smiley Jim Rich and Crossfire Brown. Congratulations to overall winner Cheyenne Culpepper, and ladies winner, Fancy Filly.    

Before the match, an emotional Serving Justice was given several gifts from the club including the book, Guns of the Old West, which was signed with messages by many of the Miakka Misfits. Serving Justice has been our club's President for many years and had worked very hard toward the club's success. Now moving to North Carolina, Serving Justice did say she was going to try to come back for our Annual Match in December. We hope to see her soon and hope to see everyone else next month!     

Until next month...Happy Trails!

The April Match results have been posted to the website. It was an absolutely perfect day for the match and everyone had a great time. Congratulations to clean match shooters: Laredo Van, Pink, Shiloh Red, Smiley Jim Rich and Crossfire Brown. Congratulations to overall winner Cheyenne Culpepper, and ladies winner, Jesse's Girl.    

Next month will be Serving Justice's last match with us unless she comes for vacation from North Carolina. Yes they are moving. SJ has been our President for a long time and is going to be very much missed. Hopefully many of her pards will be here next month for a great send off.  

Buckshot Frank will become President and we welcome High Stump to the Board as a Director.  

Until next month...Happy Trails!

The March Match results have been posted to the website. It was a perfect day for the match and everyone had a great time. We had two posses with a total of 28. Had several new shooters to our club and two first time shooters. It was great meeting with all of you and we hope you will come again. Congratulations to overall SASS winner Dealin Justice, non-SASS overall winner Buckshot Frank shooting Pike, and ladies winner, Serving Justice. Hope to see everyone next month.  

The February Superbowl Match results have been posted to the website. It was a little cold and windy for the match but everyone had a good time. Those visiting form the north did not even notice the cold. Congratulations to overall winner Cheyenne Culpepper and ladies winner, Serving Justice. We also had three brand new match shooters, two of which are now also SASS and club members. Here is a quick photo of each!

Cowboy JonAnd his grandpa: Deadly DonRon

The SASS Handbooks (Shooters Handbook, RO I, and ROII) have been updated and posted at the following location:

Changes were made to the handbooks based on the votes at the TG Summit in December, 2015, and discussions at the Summit and on the TG Wire. Please read, especially the highlighted sections, as some of the verbiage change was not discussed in detail at the TG Summit in December.

Sample Verbiage Change:

ROI Handbook, p. 17, #12:

""Shuffling" the feet to maintain balance or adjust shooting stance is allowed as long as the shooter does not actually change location."

ROI Handbook, p. 19, #19:

"The restrictions against breaking the downrange 180º angle apply to ALL HOLSTERS and METHODS of DRAW/REHOLSTER. This allowance applies to ALL types/styles of holsters, from canted double strong side to cross draw, to shoulder/Huckleberry rigs. The muzzle of a revolver may be oriented into the straight down 180º as it clears leather; but MUST then go immediately into the DOWNRANGE 170º (and vice versa on the return)"

ROI Handbook, p. 21, #31:

"Failure to bring enough ammo to the line to complete the stage is NOT a procedural. (scored the same as misses for any un-fired rounds). The procedural in this case would only apply to ammo (as with firearms) when not correctly staged on the line (e.g. on/in a prop), and not corrected by the shooter unassisted, on the clock. Once a shooter is committed to the stage (first round goes down range) the shooter must remain on the stage until it is completed and the shooter has moved to the unloading table to clear all firearms. Penalty for violation is a Stage Disqualification."

ROI Handbook, p. 26:

"SDQ: Failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures.

The point at which the "failure to adhere to loading/unloading procedure” Stage Disqualification for bypassing the Unloading Table applies is as follows: Once control of the firearm(s) is relinquished, be it in a rack on the stage or at the shooter’s gun cart. (i.e. leaves the shooter’s hand(s).

Leaving the line once the stage has begun to retrieve ammo or firearms before all firearms brought to the line are verified as clear.

De-cocking a revolver, rifle or hammered shotgun without positive indication/ acknowledgement from the Timer Operator."

ROI Handbook, p. 26:

MDQ: "Willful failure to comply with a "cease fire" or "Stop" command given by, and while under the positive control of, the CRO/TO."

ROI Handbook, p. 30-33:

Chambered round – A round any part of which is IN the chamber of a firearm.

Designer Jeans -- modern jeans that have slogans or logos embroidered, silk screened and such, saying things like "PINK" or "BABY". (Jeans with fancy or flashy adornments are acceptable)

Loaded Firearm – Any firearm with any part of an unfired round in the action/chamber/magazine.

Short Sleeve Shirt – A shirt with the sleeves sewn/manufactured or otherwise fastened above the elbow. Does NOT apply to rolled up sleeves that are not secured in place.

Stage aka “the line” – synonymous with “Course of Fire” from the beep of the timer once the shooter has signified “ready” to the last shot fired. Also refers to those location(s) from which the shooter actively engages targets.

Traditional – A style or configuration of clothing and/or equipment that was commonly seen or used in the Old West from 1849 to 1900; or in the B-Western movies. Pictures, movies, and surviving equipment and clothing could be used in resolving issues.

Right out of the editing room, here is the promotional video we made of our Christmas Match. Click here: Video

We will be locating it on the home page soon but wanted to make it available to you to see as quickly as possible. We had a lot of shooters at the match and unfortunately the videographer did not get everyone. We will try to get those that were missed in the next one.  

Hope to see everyone this Sunday and have a Safe and Happy New Years!

I recently attended the Regional Territorial Govenors meeting in South Carolina representing the Miakka Misfits. The issues to be voted on and the discussion topics to be addressed at the TG Summit were discussed at our meeting. TG Shamrock Sadie was our proxy at the Summit last week in Las Vegas since I could not attend. I wish to thank Shamrock for representing the Miakka Misfits and staying in contact with me throughout the proceedings. Please click on the link below for PDF of the voting results and recap from the Summit.  -Crossfire Brown

2015 Territorial Governors Summit Results and Recap

The December Christmas Match results have been posted to the website. It was a great day for a match with a good breeze so no one was feeling any heat. Congratulations to overall winner Cheyenne Culpepper and ladies winner, Madam Moog. Everyone even got to shoot one stage with snow coming down. We have pictures and video coming.  

Our 2015 buckle winners were awarded their Gist Buckles today. Congratulations to: 

Forty Niner              Jeff Shelleen 

Classic Cowboy        Crossfire Brown 

Cattle Baron            Smiley Jim Rich 

Gunfighter               Valrico Kid 

Lady Wrangler         Serving Justice 

Senior Duelist          Lost River Bill 

Hope to see everyone next month.  

This Sunday's match starts the 2016 Buckle Series. The winner in each category must compete in eight matches during the next twelve months. Only your best eight times are counted so the more times you shoot the better your overall time will be as the worst times are thrown out.

See you Sunday and good luck winning a beautiful Gist Buckle. The 2015 winners will be awarded their buckles at the December match. 

Today's match ended the current Buckle Series. The pictured Gist buckle is now going into production to be awarded to each winner below at our December match.   

The 2015-16 Buckle Series begins next month with our November match. Those who have had the fastest times in each category AND have competed in two/thirds of the matches this past 12 months are:

Forty Niner              Jeff Shelleen

Classic Cowboy        Crossfire Brown

Cattle Baron            Smiley Jim Rich

Gunfighter               Valrico Kid

Lady Wrangler         Serving Justice

Senior Duelist          Lost River Bill

Congratulations and good luck to everyone this coming year!!